furniture rejuvenation

Leather is a natural product. If you do not clean, nourish and protect your leather on a regular basis… it dries, peels and cracks. Leather Life comes to your office or home and rejuvenates your valuable leather furniture with our complete treatment.

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book rejuvenation

Your library of leather books and references books represent an enormous investment which will deteriorate over time. Leather-Life will help to overcome this problem.

It is common knowledge that leather is a perishable natural material which can deteriorate significantly due to wear and tear by environmental exposure over many years. The rejuvenation of old leather can provide a new lease of life for old leather material that has deteriorated over the years. Reconditioning the leather can make it supple, seal the surface and make it flexible again so that it can withstand many years of use.

cleaning products

All treatment is carried out on your premises. The products we use are the best available and safest when it comes to protection for your leather products. The creams having been tested here and in Europe over many years. We travel all around Australia protecting your valuable leather.

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