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It is common knowledge that leather is a perishable natural material which can deteriorate significantly due to wear and tear by environmental exposure over many years. The rejuvenation of old leather can provide a new lease of life for old leather material that has deteriorated over the years. Reconditioning the leather can make it supple, seal the surface and make it flexible again so that it can withstand many years of use.

Complete Rejuvenation Treatment

Our complete rejuvenation treatment includes the cleaning, nourishment and protection of your leather bound books.

This service includes removing pieces of paper and repairing and gluing back of damaged leather bindings.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeping your books in authentic sets.
  • Your leather books will last years longer.
  • Not having to use Buckram to replace leather.

Save up to 90%

Leather-Life rejuvenation will save you approximately 90% of the cost of having your books recovered in leather. Why would you not treat your books with LeatherLife’s exclusive rejuvenation treatment?

About the Treatment

All treatment is carried out on your premises, but most important is that the leather bound books do not have leave your premises. The products we use are the best available and safest when it comes to protection for your leather bound books. The creams having been tested here and in Europe over many years. We travel all around Australia protecting your valuable leather bound books.

Gary James has recently completed the dressing of 1700 volumes of leather bound law reports held in the Melbourne library of Freehill Hollingdale & Page. I am very please with the results and am happy to recommend his services to anyone interested in maintaining their leather bound volumes.

Robin Piper
Freehill Hollingdale & Page