Category: Book Testimonials

  • Law Institute of Victoria

    Greig Williams | Manager, Library Services Gary James of LeatherLife recently undertook the restoration of approximately two hundred leather bound volumes at the Law Institute of Victoria Library. Gary spent a day at the library treating each book with a nourishing leather cream supplied by LeatherLife. The result so far has been well worth the […]

  • Freehill Hollingdale & Page

    Robin Piper | Librarian Gary James has recently completed the dressing of 1700 volumes of leather bound law reports held in the Melbourne library of Freehill Hollingdale & Page. I am very please with the results and am happy to recommend his services to anyone interested in maintaining their leather bound volumes.

  • Arthur Robinson Hedderwicks

    Ruth Bird | Manager, Information Services Gary James has recently undertaken the dressing of the leather bound books held by the library at Arthur Robinson & Hedderwicks. This amounted to approximately two thousand volumes, many dating back to the mid nineteenth century. He has approached his work diligently and the quality of the work appears […]

  • Blake Dawson Waldron

    Sue Coulter | Librarian Gary James of Leather-Life has just finished the dressing of all the leather bound books which belong to the Melbourne Office of the firm of Blake Dawson Waldron. This included 2 complete sets of the English Law Reports which date back to 1865 and amount to about 1400 volumes. His work […]

  • Freehill Hollingdale & Page

    Sarah Parsons | Librarian Gory James recently cleaned and polished the library’s 1500 leather bound books. Gary worked efficiently with minimum disruption to the daily operation of the library. I am very satisfied with the result of treatment. The books look much healthier and I believe the leather binding will last longer now that it […]