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For all the other Leather in your life. It makes sense to maintain the investment of quality leather by rejuvenating your leather furniture. Leather typically lasts at least four times longer than other fabrics, making it a superior choice for quality clothing, accessories and car upholstery. Unfortunately, over time your leather products can deteriorate from oils in the skin, perspiration and other environmental factors.

Thankfully, with Leather-Life rejuvenating treatments, you can maintain and repair your leather products, keeping them in excellent conditon.

After a leatherLife treatment, your leather will:

  • Have a soft sheen and revitalised colour
  • Last years longer
  • Keep its suppleness and strength
  • Feel softer, even old leather
  • Have a smoother feel, and not be greasy or sticky
  • Have any mould or mildew spots removed

For more information, or to get a quote on having your leather rejuvenated, please call Gary on 0425 765 751