Leather Furniture

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Leather-Life treatment includes

  • shampooing
  • nourishing
  • protection
  • minor colour up (where possible)

That’s where we come in with our complete preventive maintenance treatment, before general wear and air conditioning begin to reduce the life of your leather.

We know that you pay a substantial price for your leather furniture. That’s why it’s important and wise to protect your investment for the future while maintaining a high standard corporate image.

Leather furniture care

  • Do not place your leather furniture too close to heating or air conditioning outlets.
  • Try to avoid sitting on the arms of your furniture and don’t let children jump on your furniture as this will shorten the life of your leather furniture dramatically.
  • Move your furniture around the room, specialising near a window where ultra violet rays will come through and damage your leather furniture.

Leather rejuvenating benefits

  • Increases the life expectancy of your fine leather.
  • Retains it’s professional image and protects your assets.
  • Highlights it’s superb colour and restores its freshness.
  • Gets rid of stains, odors and allergens.

“The chairs looked brand new and the books looked amazing, everyone that had a look were astounded at the transformation of the furniture and could not believe how good the books looked.”